ExamMate VCE Physical Education 3

ExamMate VCE Physical Education Unit 3 – lets you efficiently learn and test your understanding of VCE Physical Education Unit 3. This app is powerful study tool for preparing and excelling in the exam.

Combining 327 instructive flash cards, numerous mnemonic devices (memory aids) to assist with recalling concepts, and the Leitner system for sorting this app is a must-have tool to efficiently and effectively revise and identify your weaknesses, allowing you to prioritize and focus your study-time.


  • National Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Objective and subjective assessment of physical activity
  • Socio ecological model
  • Print, web and mass media, and counselling
  • Settings approach
  • The role of government and non-government organisations
  • Acute responses to exercise
  • Food fuels and as an energy source
  • Energy systems
  • Lactic acid and hydrogen ions
  • Steady state, oxygen debt, oxygen deficit and EPOC