ExamMate VCE HHD 3

ExamMate VCE Human Health and Development Unit 3 – lets you efficiently learn and test your understanding of VCE Human Health and Development Unit 3. This app is powerful study tool for preparing and excelling in the exam.

Combining 420 instructive flash cards, numerous mnemonic devices (memory aids) to assist with recalling concepts, and the Leitner system for sorting this app is a must-have tool to efficiently and effectively revise and identify your weaknesses, allowing you to prioritize and focus your study-time.


  • Dimensions of health and measurements of health status
  • Health status in Australia
  • Determinants of health
  • National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs)
  • Nutrition and nutrients
  • Nutrition and the NHPAs
  • Biomedical and social models of health
  • Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion model
  • VicHealth – roles, values, priorities, funded projects
  • Australian healthcare system – federal, state & local gov. roles
  • Australian healthcare system – Medicare, PBS, private health
  • Surveys, NRVs, Dietary Guidelines, Aus. Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Food Standards Australia and New Zealand & NGOs